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It’s school time again, but the real challenge is at home.

Desks, chairs, chests of drawers, lamps: let’s check out how to start the school term with design and furniture solutions.
Rucksack, books, notebooks and much more.
School time is the opportunity to rethink all study and work areas.
Designers and furniture companies have developped several solutions to improve spaces and comfort.
Here are some tips to the best purchase.

The desk is a crucial element in any bedroom or study room. It should be beautiful and functional. Top width, desk position (the desk must be located in such a way that light comes in front of the person sitting, not from the back), drawers, storage areas for books and educational supplies. All these elements must be carefully considered.
Those who use a computer or laptop could consider purchasing desks equipped with shelves or sliding elements to store monitors, keyboards, printers and any ther hardware.
Discover all children’s desks or work ones!
Bookcase: choose it free-standing or wall-mounted.

To invest in a good seat means to ensure high-quality study or work and to improve comfort. A chair – as much as a desk – is fundamental in the study/work room.
Reading or working on a comfortable chair – or better on an ergonomic chair – improves muscle distension, corrects posture defects and boosts concentration.
Padding, seatback rigidity and height settings must be carefully considered.
Office chairs: the best of design and functionality!
Try the convenience of an ergonomic chair!


An “active” chair suggests continuous and controlled movements that improve blood circulation and consequently stimulate concentration.


Lighting in the study room should be designed so as to improve focus. Recent studies show that a well-lighted room improves logical thinking-related activities by 9%, focus by 15%, calculation confidence and speed by 5%.
Before choosing type and number of lamps, you should check room surface and height, natural light, wall colours, furniture style and location.
Vibrant, elegant and discreet, choose your desk lamp!

To renovate your studying room, you don’t need to renovate your full firniture. A chest of drawers can be enough to increase storage space at a reasonable price.
You can find several models meeting every requirement, in terms of design and price.If you are looking for a practical and yet long-lasting solution, you can select a modular element, made up of several single drawers.
Modular and spacious drawers with a great personality!

Discover Varier Variable Balans on a special deal! Ergonomic, “active” and compact seat, perfect for all ages. Price valid for orders delivered in the UK.


Varier Move
Varier Variable Balans
Foscarini Binic
Valsecchi 1918 Oscar
Kartell Taj
Varier Thatsit Balans
HÅG Futu
Flos Gatto
Varier Gravity balans
Kartell Componibili
Dearkids Edesk
Artemide Halo
Tonin Casa Orion Decori
Cattelan Italia Island

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